October Events Lake Austin Shard

Hooray! It’s October!

EM Topaz has an event every week this month! Halloween is her favorite holiday you know…

Events this month will be on Saturdays at 7PM Central Time We hope to see everyone out for the fun.

All players invited

October 8 “Shard Hunt” 7PM CDT- Where shall we go for our first shard hunt? We will decide together! There will be a little bit extra no matter where we go so bring your best weapons or pets!
October 15 “Farmer’s Folly: Attack of the Killer Pumpkin” 7PM CDT – Farmer John needs YOUR help! Come armed and ready to do battle!
October 22 “Governor’s Meeting” 7PM CDT – Governors are requested by King Blackthorn to meet in the castle for the monthly meeting. All citizens are welcome to come observe. No fighting today!
October 29 “Halloween Story Contest” 7PM CDT – Everyone is invited to gather round and compete in the Halloween story telling contest! Let’s gather around the fire, drink coffee or wine, and enjoy the stories. Players will vote for a winner who will get special recognition in the Reward Hall! There may or may not be something to kill… it is Halloween season after all….

Hope to see everyone there!


-EM Topaz


Events for September

Lake Austin – Meet and Greet
EM Topaz has landed on Lake Austin and wants to meet YOU!
8PM Central Time
Past and future events will be discussed. Plans for a “Grand Tour” of Lake Austin will be made. If you have a special spot or would like to show off your home please deliver a rune to the mailbox at the reward hall.
This is your chance to speak up and tell the EM things that YOU enjoy doing!


Lake Austin – World Tour
9-15-16 8PM Central Time
The residents of Lake Austin take EM Topaz on a Tour of Homes. We will see some of the coolest places on the shard and talk to the locals about house deco, shard deco, and those special past events LA has had! . If you have a special spot or would like to show off your home please deliver a rune to the mailbox at the reward hall.
See you at 8pm Central Time!


Lake Austin ~ Rabies: It’s Not Just for Dogs!
9-22-16 8pm Central Time
Something that started off small has grown to dangerous proportions! Keep your beloved pets inside! Rabies is spreading to all the animals of Sosaria! It doesn’t seem as though anyone is safe!

Please gather at the EM Hall to help fight down the Rabid animal problem on Lake Austin.

Come prepared to fight. There will be a battle.

February Events

2/13 – 8pm CST (9EST) – Britain Hall
2/20 – 7pm CST (8EST) – Town Council Meeting
2/20 – 8pm CST (9EST) – Britain Hall
2/21 – 8pm CST (9EST) – Britain Hall
2/27 – 8pm CST (9EST) – Britain Hall
2/28 – 8pm CST (9EST) – Britain Hall