The Hunt Begins

You return to your bar stool and find a small, crinkled note slipped under your mug.
Hello friend;
You seem the adventurous sort – a person that can get things done. I wonder if you might be able to procure some items for me. I’m currently located on the isle of ill repute, where the Crown’s guards […]

Talents of Sosaria

Ultima Online is proud to have the players it does, and we know that among you are people brimming with creativity and talent. We are proud to announce that we will be highlighting player’s creative talents using UO Herald to display submissions from you, our players! For the month of June, we’ll be highlighting those […]

Dawn’s Memorial

For those that haven’t visited Dawn’s memorial yet, it’s located at 73o23’N 51o57’W, just N/W of Yew Abbey.

Her headstone reads:
Dawn the Valiant, Queen of Britannia
Slain by her beloved husband, Ors
Herein she sleeps; her rest long-deserved
Her people grieve, but they do not weep
For she is home at last
The stone below it reads:
First Month, 18th Day, Year […]

The Burdens We Bear

Sir Markham’s heavy footfalls echoed through the castle hall. He rounded a corner and saw one of the castle’s chamber maids coming in the opposite direction, carrying a bundle of clothes clutched tightly to her chest. Her soft slippers made a shuffling sound as she walked, her gaze focused on the floor. Raising her head, […]


Queen Dawn’s funeral will be held at the Court of Truth (Trammel) in Yew on February 26th at 7:00pm PST.
Dawn’s memorial and final resting place will be built in Yew; player donations are welcome in the Hall of Champions mailbox. Pedestals, flowers (plain), and other items of an appropriate nature are encouraged and appreciated. Thank […]

A New Assignment

A lone candle sat upon a hardwood desk, casting a wavering light over the piles of paperwork that were scattered over its surface. The stone chamber where the desk sat was silent, except for the sound of a quill pen as it scratched its way across several sheets of parchment.
The man who commanded the pen […]