March Events!!

Hail! Here are a couple of the exciting things lined up for March
March 24th – Search For The Cure – The royal mages have found an ancient cure for the orc love potion they want to try. It is up to us to find the items on the list. Let’s meet at 8pm Central time […]

January 2018 Event List Lake Austin Shard

Happy New Year Everyone!
January 20 8PM Central Time – “Town Hall Meeting/Governor’s Meeting”. Everyone let’s meet up and discuss the events in the coming year and how we can bring more fun to Lake Austin!
January 27 8PM Central Time – “The Frozen Rose” – The florist, Rose, needs our help. It’s just too darn cold […]

Event Postponed

Tonight’s event (November 27th 2017) has been postponed until Thursday November 30th at 8PM Central Time
Sorry for the late notice please have a great night!
Event Titled “The Baker’s Son” will take place on Thursday November 30th at 8PM Central

November Events Lake Austin

Let’s have some fun LA!
“Preparing For a Feast”

November 18 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm CST
11/18 8PM Central- Join us on Lake Austin for a fun Thanksgiving Event

“Preparing For a Feast”
Everyone welcome! Meet at the EM Hall
“The Baker’s Son”

November 27*@ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm CST (this is a Monday folks)
11/27 8PM Central Time

Come join us on Lake Austin for some Thanksgiving leftovers […]

October Events

10-21 8PM Central – Join us on Lake Austin for a seek and find “Crimson Dragon Hunt”!
Everyone welcome! Bring your best UO Knowledge and your strongest weapons!
These Crimsons will be first come first served but not easy!
10-28 8PM Central – Join us on Lake Austin for a fun Halloween event! “The Haunted Graveyard”!
Everyone welcome! Be sure to be […]

Event on Saturday Postponed

Due to situations beyond my control, I sadly have to postpone our event on Saturday 8/26
The tentative date for this event will be August 31 pending approval.
I am so sorry this month has been a rough one for me, I have had some medical issues and am planning a surgery. I am planning on having […]

Correction Made

The previously posted event list has been corrected to coincide with the calendar. The next 2 Sundays are regular events.
I apologize in advance for the mistake. The July schedule is correct, and now so is this page. Harriet search and rescue continues at 8pm on Saturdays.