Lake Austin’s March Events

March fish of the month: Yellow Tail Barracuda (Winner of February to be announced)
March 4 – 8PM Central Time – “Touch and Go March Madness” – A shard race around Ilshenar. There will be danger(dungeon and otherwise) and there will be clues. Winner gets a plaque in the reward hall. This will be an annual […]

EM Events for February!

Fishing Contest!
Whoever turns in the largest MARLIN for the month of February (date must be within the month) wins their name forever emblazoned on a plaque in the reward hall! Get those boats out into deep waters!! Turn in your fish at the mailbox at the reward hall. Winner will be announced the first week […]

Happy New Year Lake Austin!

EM Events for January are as follows:
January 14 – 8PM Central Time – EM Event “The Dead Rising”
January 21 – 8PM Central Time – EM Event “Thaddius and the Undead Walking”
January 28 – 8pm Central Time- Governors Meeting – All governors and concerned citizens encouraged to attend a meeting with the King to discuss plans […]

Happy December Everyone!

This months event is going to be on a Friday night folks! Hopefully everyone can make it, I am leaving for out of town and this is the easiest time for me.
“The Forgotten” Friday, December 9th at 8PM Central Time – come prepared to fight the good fight!
Happy Holidays! Enjoy this time off to spend […]

November Events Lake Austin Shard

Hail Lords and Ladies!
This months events are planned as follows:
November 12 7pm Central – “Shard Hunt!” Please bring your white nets and let’s  have  a net toss! Meet at the EM Hall and we will all go together and destroy some sea monsters!
November 19 7pm Central – “Our Former Foe” Gather at the EM Hall […]

October Events Lake Austin Shard

Hooray! It’s October!
EM Topaz has an event every week this month! Halloween is her favorite holiday you know…
Events this month will be on Saturdays at 7PM Central Time We hope to see everyone out for the fun.
All players invited
October 8 “Shard Hunt” 7PM CDT- Where shall we go for our first shard hunt? We will decide […]

Events for September

Lake Austin – Meet and Greet
EM Topaz has landed on Lake Austin and wants to meet YOU!
8PM Central Time
Past and future events will be discussed. Plans for a “Grand Tour” of Lake Austin will be made. If you have a special spot or would like to show off your home please deliver a rune to […]