Queen Dawn’s funeral will be held at the Court of Truth (Trammel) in Yew on February 26th at 7:00pm PST.
Dawn’s memorial and final resting place will be built in Yew; player donations are welcome in the Hall of Champions mailbox. Pedestals, flowers (plain), and other items of an appropriate nature are encouraged and appreciated. Thank […]


The grey mist swirled as an image of the city of Luna began to materialize.
The world solidified in a sudden jolt. He found himself on the steps of the great sandstone structure that formed the city’s hub. His senses reeled. A recall spell was different; eddies of magic would surround you, caressing you as they […]

Lars’ Report to Queen Dawn

Amid the frozen wastes known as “The Winter Spur”, on the Tokuno island of Isamu-Jima, a small archaeological expedition set out to uncover the secrets of a small ruin in the permafrost. From their assembled notes, we have determined that the party were set upon by a hitherto unknown species of ape. Sadly, it is […]

The Lost Expedition? – Luna, Friday Eve [8pm Central]

Hail Citizens,
There have been reports of strange, ape-like beasts appearing in the frozen wastes of Isamu-Jima. A small archaeological expedition working on a dig in the area has sighted several such creatures since the passing of the solstice. I have been dispatched on secondment to the Tokuno Empire by her majesty, Queen Dawn, to investigate […]

Queen Dawn forges alliance with Queen Zhah

Hear ye!
Queen Dawn has formed a new alliance with Queen Zhah, the Gargoyle sovereign. Citizenry of both Britannia and Ter Mur can look forward to mutual prosperity and cultural exchange through trade routes established via the Moongate system. What follows is a transcript of the two queens’ public meeting..
Queen Dawn: A good eve to you […]