April Events Lake Austin! Will April Showers Bring Us May Flowers?

Hear ye! Hear ye! His Royal Highness King Blackthorn has called for immediate action!
Friday April 20th Governor’s meeting 7PM – Meet at the castle in the council room. Spectators Welcome and Encouraged to Attend
Saturday April 21 Event “Princes and Roses” 8Pm Central Time – Meet at the EM Hall – Transportation will be provided from Luna and […]

The Things We Must

Evidias in Ilshenar
Dreams subsided in the darkness and she stared up at the stars as they twinkled, seemingly in and out of existence. Evidias could feel — more than understand what it was. It felt different, out of place somehow and it was impossible to describe how wrong it felt. But she […]

Those who live in half lit worlds

Elem Rosewood, in West Britain
Life became a strange sort of place when you suddenly lost everything that ever existed in your own little corner of the world. He had only been six years old at the time when his entire family had been killed. The man’s face had been forever etched in his […]

The silence lifted on the city of Nu’Jelm

Emporium in Nu'Jelm
The talks with the Sultan of Nu’Jelm had lasted several days, but finally things were proceeding. It had taken some amount of time and clever thinking on Spencer’s part. But what powerful man could resist something as fascinating sapphires that had been mined deep within the earth, and were so large […]

[Event Fiction] Moongates

(Part 2 – It will catch up to the first part of the event soon, and will continue throughout the story line.)
Each town was different than the last in a way.  Sometimes the people were friendly.  Other times they were rude, or just wary of outsiders.  It was strange to see the same town filled […]

[Event Fiction] Before

(This all occurs before the first part of the event.  It’ll catch up to the event in a few posts.)
Adama was a brilliant tailor.  He’d started ten years ago when he still lived in Jhelom, at Jhelom’s Fine Tailoring.  Growing up as a boy in the town had been interesting, it was split into several […]