Vesper valiantly defended by The Black Guard, city saved for yet another day!

This evening Vesper was attacked as well as several other cities.  True to their word, The Black Guard defended the city and finished off all of the raiders, leaving the townspeople safe!  No one was killed.  (Aside from the Raiders.)

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Dawn’s Memorial

For those that haven’t visited Dawn’s memorial yet, it’s located at 73o23’N 51o57’W, just N/W of Yew Abbey.

Her headstone reads:
Dawn the Valiant, Queen of Britannia
Slain by her beloved husband, Ors
Herein she sleeps; her rest long-deserved
Her people grieve, but they do not weep
For she is home at last
The stone below it reads:
First Month, 18th Day, Year […]