Queen Dawn forges alliance with Queen Zhah

Hear ye!
Queen Dawn has formed a new alliance with Queen Zhah, the Gargoyle sovereign. Citizenry of both Britannia and Ter Mur can look forward to mutual prosperity and cultural exchange through trade routes established via the Moongate system. What follows is a transcript of the two queens’ public meeting..
Queen Dawn: A good eve to you […]

The King Is Dead!

Hear Ye! Lord Casca is no more.
Having summoned the citizenry to the Castle for purposes unknown, the king failed to appear. After a search of the castle it was discovered that the king had died in one of the outer chambers. Lady Dawn was present among the throng, and speculated that Casca’s death may have […]

Shadowlords Vanquished!

The Three fall amid flames.
My friends,
Today we have vanquished a great evil. The Shadowlords are no more. They conspired to create a Gem of Immortality, an artifact that would bind the will of this world to their own. They Three have failed, and we are free of their tyranny.
We have realized a great deed here, […]