8-2: Mini-event

There will be a Mini-Event on Tuesday as an apology for moving Saturday’s event back to Sunday night.  I wanted to make a post strictly for it so that people would see that there will be an event both Sunday (the scheduled) and a Mini-event on Tuesday.
Whatever happens on Tuesday will be a blast, we […]

7-26, 7pm CST – Archery Contest

There will be an archery contest held Tuesday 7-26.  It was be held south of the rewards hall, across from the big Maze.  There will be two rounds, if there is time.  The first being a top five damagers.  (The top 3 ranked (Gold, Silver, Bronze) and the second two, will receive a consolation trophy.  […]

7-22, 7pm CST – Britain Bank.

Apparently there has been a Tailor seen asking for help near the (West) Britain Bank.  He has been hanging around there rather late, and trying to get help with something important.  He seems to be in a bit of a rush.  It has been said he arrives around 7 – perhaps if anyone was interested, […]

Meet and Greet – 8pm CST, 7-20-2011

Britain Counselor Hall.
For anyone who wasn’t there Monday, drop on by.  And for anyone who was there come and join us again!  🙂
Last time there was FREE air, and everyone enjoyed that.  Maybe this time there will be FREE alcohol and stuff.
(P.S.  The air is still free.  So if you come for nothing else – […]

Meet and Greet: 8pm CST – 7/18

Stop by and say hello, I look forward to meeting you all.  And for those who can’t make it tomorrow night, I’ll be sure to do another Meet and Greet very soon.
I’ll field questions and suggestions alike, though I reserve the right to be influenced or not by the suggestions.  Also, if you plan on […]