10/22 – 8pm CST (6 PST/9 EST)

(There will be an event each and every Saturday.  Unless otherwise stated/something comes up.  It will take place at 8pm CST always, and the meeting place will be Britain Hall – unless otherwise denoted by Lantern when you arrive at Britain Hall.)
10/22 – 8pm CST – Britain Hall
– EM Augustus

10/14 – Mini-Event

There will an event this Friday (which means, Friday, Saturday and Sunday will have events this weekend).  As for exactly what it will be, that is still to be determined.  I haven’t set anything in stone yet for that day, so we’ll see what happens.
– Augustus

10-15, 8pm CST (6PST / 9EST) – Meet at Britain Hall – 10-8 Event content being added to this weekend

Last Saturday’s event was post-poned (as was Sundays).  I was going to schedule it for Monday, but then I had an idea of how to work this weekends Event together with the content from last weekend.  Therefor I only thought it would be fair to combine them this weekend.  It makes more sense this way.  […]