6-2 / 8pm CST / Nu’Jelm

Date: 6-2
Place: Nu’Jelm
Time: 8pm CST
Meet at the Library of Nu’Jelm Castle. Information has been left by Dahlia in the careful hands of someone trust worthy. It details what very well could be the location of a thief that was met before, posing as a Storyteller.

5-20 / 1pm CST – Moonglow

Time:  1pm CST
Place:  Moonglow city
Date:  5-20
Please begin by finding the Merchant in Moonglow – Tamaran the Merchant (Info) – at or after 1pm CST of course, and say “hello” to him to begin the oracle Event.  Follow his instructions and if he asks you to go somewhere and find another person please remember the name […]

Upcomming Events

No Event planned for this weekend (5-12).
There will most likely be two Events on Next Saturday, a couple hours apart (5-19) and possibly another during the week next, before next Saturday. Details will be posted in the next couple of days.