1-19 / 8pm CST / Britain Hall

Date: 1-19
Time: 8pm CST
Event Name: Hidden History
Place: Britain Hall
Marouk has come across something interesting hidden in the relics left behind by Evidias for him. Several locations were left behind, and at the first he visited and searched out he came across an old book. The book itself seemed to be kept alive merely […]

Event Schedule for January

1-19 / 8pm CST / Britain Hall
1-20 / 8pm CST / Serpent’s Hold (Moongate from inside Luna Bank)
1-23 / 8pm CST / Britain Hall
1-26 / 8pm CST / Britian Hall – (Subject to changes, before 23rd)
1-27 / 8pm CST / Serpent’s Hold – (Subject to changes, before 23rd)
(Possible Event on the 30th, or 31st)