3-17 / 8:30pm CST (9:30 EST)

Type: Story (some combat)
Shard: Lake Austin
Event Name: Kept Secrets
Event Date: 3-17-13
Event Time: 8:30pm CST (9:30 EST)
Location: Location given by Tabar Silver, in Artist’s Guild (near WBB)
Traversis sightings have been declining in the weeks, since Alaira Delemor has been revealed to be the possible leader of the Traversis Emporium. […]

3-10 / Oracle Event locations

Trinsic – The Pearl of Trinsic – Raquel (Spy of the Order)
Trinsic – Counseler’s Guild – mentioned by Raquel
note: 3 notes found inside
Trinsic – The Keg and the Anchor – mentioned by Raquel
note: single note found in back room
Britain – The Sorcerer’s Delight – Markam West (name and approximate location found […]

Oracle Event Help

Exact locations for this Sunday’s Oracle Event will be posted very late Thursday night CST (after 12pm), for anyone who had trouble finishing it and would like to do so.
(Will do this for future Oracle Events as well. Providing enough time for people to figure it out on their own, and if they are […]