6-30 / Oracle Event / 8pm CST

Starting 6-30 there will be an Oracle Event chain occurring that will end on Friday (7-5).
You will be able to complete this at your own leisure and the last update to the Oracle chain will occur on Thursday Night, to allow for people to be able to complete it all before Saturday’s Event on (7-6).

6-22 / 8pm CST / Britain Hall

Event: Darker Things (part 7)
Description: Description: While keeping tabs on the Bard in Minoc, Merrick discovered something fairly interesting about Elem Rosewood. A secret most likely better left buried. But one that may prove vital in helping bring about justice for the victims of “S.L.”
Location: Britain Hall (Gate provided […]

6-15 / 8pm CST / Britain Hall

Event: Illumination (part II)
Description: Following a conversation with a suspicious character in
Britain, Agaris has been able to ascertain that Dorian Fletch is in
possession of an ancient Candelabra used to find and read certain hidden
texts. The trask is simple, follow Dorian and confiscate the Candelabra.
Location: Britain Hall (Gate provided from Luna Bank)
Date: […]