3-30 / 7pm CST (8EST) / Britain Hall

Event: The White Haired Woman
Description:  Having uncovered the truth of what happened to Eliad, and Luna, untold time ago in the past. Evidias sets the Royal Spies about the tasking of righting a grievous wrong and to undo all future harm caused by it before it can happen ever again.
Location: Britain Hall (Gate provided from […]

3-22-14 / 8pm CST / Britain Hall

Event: What Eliad Saw
Description: With the sliver of the “Life of Eliad” that has been returned to them, Evidias has been able to finish the preperations for a spell that will allow them to find Spencer Hollowel. The reason for it finally working is unknown, but Evidias has decided to trust chance.
Location: Castle Blackthorn (Gate […]

March Events

3-8-14 / 8pm CST (9EST) / Castle Blackthorn —  Town Council Meeting
3-19-14 / 8pm CST (9EST) /Britain Hall — Oracle Event start
3-22-14 / 8pm CST (9EST) /Britain Hall
3-29-14 / 8pm CST (9EST) /Britain Hall
3-31-14 / 8pm CST (9EST) /Britain Hall
First April Event:
4-5 / 8pm CST (9EST) / Britain Hall
(other March, Event dates, to be announced later)