5-31-14 / 7:30pm CST (8:30EST)

Event: (2 Events back to back)  Suspicious Tidings + Merrick’s Archery Contest
Description: The Ancient Treasure has slowly started to become less intriguing than perhaps, those behind it.  A phrase in particular, “A.M.E.L.I.A.” continues to appear around Britannia.  Merrick has decided it needs investigating.
Location: Jhelom Docks (Gate from Luna Bank)
Date: 5-31-14
Time: 7:30pm CST (8:30pm EST)

May Event Schedule

Event: Town Council Meeting
Description: Town Council Meeting
Location: Castle Blackthorn
Date: 5-10-14
Time: 8pm CST (9:00pm EST)
Event: Ancient Treasure?
Description: After the failure of his last Treasure Map, Merrick is at it again.  This time he believes he may be close…
Location: Luna Bank steps.
Date: 5-17-14
Time: 8:00pm CST (9:00pm EST)
Shard: Lake Austin
Event: Archery Contest
Description: Due to lack of time at the […]

5-10 / 8pm CST (9EST) / Castle Blackthorn

Due to a lack of Governor’s having had time or being able to run for the last Elections.  King Blackthorn would like to ask for volunteers for the cities currently without a Governor.  If you are interested, please attend the Town Council Meeting and state your case.
Event:  Town Council Meeting
Place:  Castle Blackthorn
Date:  5-10
Time:  8pm CST […]