Current Lake Austin Story:

If anyone has missed any of the last three Events in the “Ancient Treasure” current story and would like to catch up.  Or has not attended one and would like to be caught up before the next Event next month.  Feel free to check out the Ancient Treasure page on the blog:
It will be kept […]

June Events

Event: Town Council Meeting
Description: Town Council Meeting
Location: Castle Blackthorn
Date: 6-14-14
Time: 8pm CST (9:00pm EST)
Event: Suspicious Tidings: The Pirate Whitebeard
Description: Meet Merrick at the Skara Brae docks.
Location: Skara Brae docks (Gate from Luna Bank)
Date: 6-21-14
Time: 8:00pm CST (9:00pm EST)
Event: The Path That Shadows Take
Description: Meet Merrick in the city of Umbra, be sure not to be […]

6-14 / 8pm CST (9EST) / Blackthorn Castle

Those parties interested in taking the Governor seats of Minoc and New Maginica should attend the meeting, and if the seats have remained empty after Elections, their wishes to be Governor of said cities, will be taken into consideration.
Event:  Town Council Meeting
Place:  Castle Blackthorn
Date:  6-14
Time:  8pm CST (9EST)

6-7 / 8pm CST (9EST) / Jhelom Docks — (Original Event Date 5/31)

6-7-14 (5/31 Event)
Event: Suspicious Tidings
Description: The Ancient Treasure has slowly started to become less intriguing than perhaps, those behind it.  A phrase in particular, “A.M.E.L.I.A.” continues to appear around Britannia.  Merrick has decided it needs investigating.
Location: Jhelom Docks (Gate from Luna Bank)
Date: 6-7-14
Time: 8pm CST (9pm EST)