EM Events for February!

Fishing Contest!

Whoever turns in the largest MARLIN for the month of February (date must be within the month) wins their name forever emblazoned on a plaque in the reward hall! Get those boats out into deep waters!! Turn in your fish at the mailbox at the reward hall. Winner will be announced the first week of March. You can get your fish back if you participate, just let EM Topaz know.


EM Event: “Lover’s Spat” Feb 18 at 8PM Central; Jack has left town after an angry spat with Anne. She’s worried he’s gone forever. His father wants him found. We should help.

EM Event: “The Wedding Day” Feb 25 at 8PM Central; Will Jack be found before the wedding? Does he even still want to be married? So many questions. Jack and Anne will need your help this day for sure!



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