Lake Austin’s March Events

March fish of the month: Yellow Tail Barracuda (Winner of February to be announced)

March 4 – 8PM Central Time – “Touch and Go March Madness” – A shard race around Ilshenar. There will be danger(dungeon and otherwise) and there will be clues. Winner gets a plaque in the reward hall. This will be an annual event.

March 11 – 8PM Central Time – “Governor’s Council Meeting” – Governors and concerned citizens called to attend. To be discussed: Graveyard Overpopulation Problems

March 18- Free week!! Governors encouraged to hold events!! EM Topaz will be unavailable this week because of real life obligations.

March 25 – 8PM Central Time-  “A Message from Beyond” – Is it possible our old friend Thaddius, in some form, lives?

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