Lake Austin EM Events for June

First, congratulations go out to DaMonk for turning in the biggest fish in May! He caught a 134 stone Holy Mackerel on May 16th! Holy Mackerel!! 😉 Great Job DaMonk!

On Saturday June 17th at 8pm Central Time we will have our governors meeting. The king invites all concerned citizens attend.

Saturday June 24th at 8pm Central Time “To Save the Living” call to arms. Harriet has some business with the Juka only to find their mages are working on new spells of incognito. We meet at the counsel hall to discuss the ramifications. Then the bravest among us must face the Juka and stop this evil from going too far.

Saturday July 1st at 8pm Central Time “Fourth of July Party”: while this is intended as good times, it is highly suggested we come prepared to do battle… just in case.

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