September Event List Lake Austin! Happy Anniversary!!

Not only is this the 20th Anniversary of UO, but this month is my 1 year anniversary being on Lake Austin Shard!
I hope you all have had as much fun as I have this past year. I strive only to continue to have fun and hope to improve more and more through the coming year!

This month’s event list is as follows:

September 16 8PM Central Time: Meet Harriet at the Meeting Hall! We will venture to Skara Brae and hopefully fight off the evil attacking there!

The weekend of September 22nd: Anniversary Party IRL!! Hope those of you attending take lots and lots of pictures! Looking forward to hearing about the fun!

Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend. I have a minor surgery scheduled on the 21st (was the soonest I could get in) and will be recuperating over the weekend!!

Due to injuries received in battle, King Blackthorn will be unable to call a governors meeting this month! Our well-wishes are with our King!

September 30 8PM Central Time: Meet Harriet at the Meeting Hall!! More information to be announced the day of the event.


Happy Anniversary to Ultima Online!

To 20 further years of friendship and fun! Thank you Lake Austin!

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