11-30 / 8pm CST (9pm EST) – Archery Contest + The Great Race

Wednesday 11-30 – 8pm CST (9pm EST), we will be having both an Archery Contest, and a Great Race.  (The first of a few to come in the next months.)

Track location will be revealed the day of the race.

The rules are as follows for the Great Race:

1.  No horses or mounts of any kind to be used during the race.  (If caught, it will result in disqualification.)

2.  You must follow the course as it is laid out.

3.  Total track time has been recorded on foot by myself.  (The lowest time taken of several runs.)

4.  Any time significantly faster than the lowest recorded time will be disregarded as cheating.  (A minute or more faster, that is.  Pretty wide berth.)

5.  Any time pretty close to the lowest run time recorded already by myself will be counted.  (I chose the quickest time I had running the course without stopping once (as I had no need for healing) as the lowest time.)

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