December Events


Event(s): The Alchemist and the Djinn Izumu + after Event Town Council/Blackthorn Meeting
Description: Agaris has been requested to take over the task of finding the Alchemist, Merrick, and putting a stop to whatever he has planned. Captain Corian of the Royal Guard has entrusted the task to him, feeling both himself and the Spymistress are too close to handle the situation properly. Somewhere in Tokuno it all began, before Tolivar Fence was even born and there it will likely end.
Location: Britain Hall
Date: 12-13-14
Time: 8:00pm CST (9:00pm EST) + after Event Town Council/Blackthorn Meeting (Will occur after Event finishes.)


Event: Stolen Christmass eggs.
Description: Peter the Rabbit has been robed! All the eggs he prepared in Christmas-y colors have been stolen and only several clues remain. Not only that, but all the supplies used to color the eggs have been stolen as well, so he cannot even make anymore. Help the rabbits recover their special Christmas treats or all the little bunnies will find Christmas morning a bit less special.
Location: West Britain Bank
Date: 12-14-14
Time: 7:00pm CST (8:00pm EST)

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