Player Memorials

Players can request an Event Moderator-placed memorial to honor other players that have passed on. These memorials are subject to approval by Mesanna, and cannot be placed in or near player housing.

Alternatively, if you wish to create a private memorial in your home, several different headstone types drop from the Prime Evil Lich Champion spawn and can be engraved with the Statuette Engraving Tool.

Memorial Stones

There are 24 different memorial stones available:

Available Memorial Stones

Note that the memorial stones can be placed facing East or South.

Memorial Stone Text Inscriptions

You may also add up to five lines of text to the memorial stone. The text included should be tasteful.


All additional decoration, aside from the stone itself, must be provided by the player. Items such as flowers, furniture, statues, etc. can be used. If you have a specific design in mind, we can make arrangements to go over it.

Requesting a Memorial

If you’d like to request a memorial, please visit the Contact page and send us a message.

Please include the following information:

1.       Your name and an e-mail address to reach you at.

2.       The name of the player the memorial is for.

3.       Coordinates of the location where you’d like the memorial placed, including the facet.

4.       Up to five lines of text to include on the memorial stone.

5.       A list of any additional decoration you’d like to place around the memorial.

6.       When you’d like the memorial placed.

7.       The number of the memorial stone you’d like to use.

8.       The color you’d like the memorial stone to be.

9.       Any in-game music you’d like to play near the memorial.

Please be courteous and respectful with your requests.