Player weddings are an old and popular tradition in Ultima Online. At the request of a player couple, an Event Moderator can perform a wedding ceremony and provide them with blessed, specially-engraved wedding rings.

Wedding RingsWedding Rings

Both silver and gold wedding rings are available, are blessed, and can be inscribed per the couple’s request.

Inscriptions must be tasteful and appropriate and are subject to approval.

Locations & Decoration

Several suggested wedding locations are available in the runebook that’s locked down inside the wedding chapel just west of the EM Hall in Britain, Trammel.

The area can be decorated with player-provided items such as flowers, furniture, candles, etc. These items cannot be given back after the ceremony, so don’t use something valuable!

Requesting a Wedding

To request a wedding, please see the Contact page. Include the following information:

1.       Couple’s names.

2.       Desired wedding date.

3.       Desired wedding location, include coordinates.

4.       What type of ring you’d like; silver or gold?

5.       What you’d like each ring to be engraved with.

6.       Whether you’ll prepare custom vows or use “standard” vows.

7.       Any special requests, subject to approval.

Don’t be afraid to be creative!