Township Recognition

Lake Austin township information, please read and follow these instruction before making any submission for a town Banner.

Town name:

A town may only use the following as part of its name is it meets the following housing requirements:

4-6 Settlement
6-10 Village
11-20 Town
20-30 City
31+ Kingdom

Naming notes:

Other words can be substituted for these, depending on each individual case. (Things like Harbor, Establishment (having a theme of its own), etc.) Do not use the word “guild” in town names. Although a guild may be founding

the town, it is the town itself being recognized.

Requirements for Recognition:

Houses of the town must be linked together in one (or more) of the following ways to be recognized.

1. Look like a town. Must be connected through a common theme, which must be easily recognizable. (I.E. If each building in the surrounding area has a purpose, as in a Bar, a Library, an Inn, a Guild House.)

2. Appropriately named. Using street numbers/names, a similar wording theme or, “The Wolf Inn”, “Library Wolf”, etc. Something to show that they belong together.

3. Share outward appearance. If the buildings look like they belong to the same town (and are part of this town.)

They must also be grouped together closely to count. – Within a reasonable distance. (Houses appearing more than 2 or 3 house lengths away from the others will not count towards the town’s size. As they would unfortunately

fall outside the town’s limits.)

If they have one of these three, or more than one, and are appropriately sized they will be eligible for a town banner.

How to Petion for Recognition:

In the Mailbox at the Reward Hall (Luna Fairgrounds – via Britain Hall teleport for easy access), please leave a bag containing a book with the Application, and then a rune for each house of the town.

1. Runes must be marked while standing inside each house.

Petition for recognition of the township must follow the following rules:

1. Town name
2. When it was founded
3. Allegiance
4. Number of houses
5. A description of how the town is currently active
6. A suggestion for the Banner’s eventual coordinates (via rune in the bag, that will be placed in the mailbox)
7. History

Inactive towns will not be recognized, so there must be activity of some sort.

The banner must meet the following structural requirements.

The banner must not block house placement.
The banner may not be larger than 6×6 if it blocks movement.
The banner may be a bit larger if it doesn’t block movement, such as Rolling Hills.
Live animals cannot be used for a banner.
The banner shall not include the word “guild”.
The banner shall not mention any player’s name.
The banner shall not resemble a building.
The banner cannot touch a road.

Once a Township is recognized (only after it has been), you may e-mail your Banner design to

Please include completed image and all InsideUO numbers used. (Please use an image program to put these together and show how your finished banner will look.)

(Note: Banners may be slightly modified, to be larger or slightly different depending on how the appear when finished in game.)

Thank You

Thank you to Chesapeake’s EMs, Mesanna, and everyone else who has helped to make this possible.

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