Lake Austin – Story, Short Summary (thus far)

— (really rough draft, just getting it started, will change) —

Adama (who had traveled through Red moongates) appeared before Britain Bank, asking for help. He seemed to be a simple tailor and book mender. But he was thought to be unwittingly caught up in a mysterious plot by a man in red.

Around the same time the Weld appeared in Sosaria over three years ago. Although at the time nothing was known about them.

They came with the appearance of a madman named Ephres the Red. Ephres later turned out to be an illusion created by a powerful Human Weidt, that had gone mad with the practice of Necromancy. He had created four illusionary facets of himself, illusions that believe they were real: Adama, Agaris, Ephres, and Ikarus.

(The Weidt, are magical enities, normally composed of pure magic and energy, without form. But sometimes they bond with creatures.)

(Evidias) Emeisis and Marouk, who had posed as his servants turned out to be fleeing from him, and helped to stop him.

After the battles with the The Black Guard, formed by Marouk, both the attack on Britain (in which no one was killed) and the occupation of the city of Vesper by the The Black Guard, in which no one was harmed and the city was protected by them. It had finally come out that all Marouk was trying to do was protect his own people.

(Simon once thought to also be an illusion, turned out to be a real person.)

Agaris (not known to be another illusion then) helped to form the Order of the Silent Truth, and with the help of the Weld they eventually stopped Ephres.

It had not ended then, and the Order of the Silenth Truth and the Weld, were unknowingly still entwined by the powerful Human Weidt the “Illusionist” in a struggle of his sanity. Everything that had come before, even the beginning with Adama the Tailor, had all been a story unfolding inside of his madness.

The Illusionist himself, grown insane from the decades of being trapped by his own magic wanted no longer to exist. But his magic had become so strong and dangerous, that the illusions of Adama, Agaris, Ephres and Ikarus believed they were real living people.

Evidias, however, had fallen in love with one of the facets of the man unknowingly to the others and was intent on both saving the Weld and saving the man she loved.

After the battles with the The Black Guard, formed by Marouk, both the attack on Britain (in which no one was killed) and the occupation of the city of Vesper by the The Black Guard, in which no one was harmed and the city was protected by them. It had finally come out that all Marouk was trying to do was protect his own people.

Somewhere near the time the Traversis was discovered, Evidias used the strange books written by a man named Dru’uuk Drudun, a powerful Necromancer who died millenia ago. No one had known that the Weld were slowly losing all of their magic, and were starting to become human. Another powerful Necromancer had tricked them into casting the spell on them centuries ago to steal their magic. To undo this curse, Evidias used a spell found the in the ancient books of Dru’uuk Drudun to save not only the Weld, but both Agaris and Adama who wanted to live more than anything.

In doing so she succeeded, but also caused a rift between the Weld magic and herself. For quite a long while she was a normal human woman, who held no memories of “The Weld” or “Evidias.”

Agaris whom the Order thought had betrayed them, in reality had been trying to do what Evidias had just done. Find a way for himself to survive.

During this time Agaris took care of her, and even without her memories she slowly fell for him.

Dahlia eventually allowed Agaris to rejoin the Order of the Silent Truth, which became extremely important when the former Spymaster of the Order fo the Silent Truth finally stepped down. The former Spymaster, Merrick the Alchemist, handed the Order over to Dahlia.

During the course of the Traversis Emporium’s silent battle that unfolded in the shadows several things were revealed.

First, the Traversis Emporium was in reality two groups. Both with a common goal to protect the Traversis. The Traversis being a group of Necromancers who wanted to remain hidden, and the Emporium a proficient Merchant group who made sure they remained invisible.

Over the course of time until Alaira Delemor was finally deposed. It was learned that Simon, the strange man who had once helped orchastrate the nefarious doings of “Ephres the Red.” Was actually being controlled by a woman with long white hair named Alice. Simon, unknown to most everyone, had been the former head of the Emporium.

Elem Rosewood, a man who’s entire family had been killed at birth, who was trying to find a way to get to Simon, was another ploy by the same white haired woman named Alice. In reality, Elem Rosewood was after the current head of the Emporium, a secretive man named Spencer Hollowel.

The entirety of the White Dove Inn. That had seemed to be a front for the Traversis Emporium, as they were large benefactors to the Orphange before it was burned to the ground. Turned out to be another, third group that had once been dedicated to protecting the head of the Traversis Emporium.

The three groups working to protect the Necromancers, from an ancient threat. Except that the threat had been forgotten. And now this “Alice” was manipulating them all to bring the threat back.

Everything that had happened, with the Traversis Emporium, Elem Rosewood and even Tavian. Had all been part of some larger plan to depose the head of the Traversis, remove the head of the Emporium and bring back Dru’uuk Drudun.

It was also learned during this time, that Merrick whom some believed to be the father of Dahlia, was not, but was likely the uncle of the new Spymistress. Many years ago, her real father had left her for adoption at the White Dove Inn, not knowing what the place was, and her uncle, had her adopted by a Royal Guard named Corian Ivikari.

After his escape, the whereabouts of Tavian are still unknown, and Merrick has not spoken about himself since the incident in the Britain Tavern with Corian.

It was also recently revealed that the group Alaira Delemor found entombed round the secret tomb of Eliad. Was in reality all former heads of the Emporium, and not the Traversis. All people dedicated to protecting the secret of the past.

After Alaira was deposed from the Traversis, a Necromancer named Alric took over. He has been since trying to find a way to contact Dru’uuk Drudun and find a way to revive him. (It is unknown whether or not Alric read the prophecy Alaira did, that stated Dru’uuk Drudun would return, and would require the lifeforce of Necromancers to sustain him.)

Another group, composed primarily of a man named Thaddeus Cromwell, Olivette Greystone and Anabelle Cole has been working to find a way to stop the Order of the White Dove from succeeding, and helping the Traversis Emporium bring Dru’uuk Drudun back.

The Royal Spies, lead by Dahlia have been assisting them and they have finally come to accept that they are working toward the same ends.

It is unknown what Alice’s actual goal is, as Olivette Greystone herself said it all began when the Weld first appeared in this Sosaria. But it is known that the major orchestrations thus far have either been her doing or instigated by her actions. (Ephres the Red, the Traversis Emporium resurfacing, Simon’s war with Alaira Delemor, Dru’uuk Drudun being attempted to be revived, Spencer Hollowel being lured into the open for Elem Rosewood, the Order of the White Dove’s appearance in Trinsic, all part of her machinications.)

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