July Events Lake Austin

Harriet captured.

By whom? What do they want?

Per order of His Royal Highness, you are commissioned to find out who, what, where, and why.

Use of brutal force is granted when necessary.

((OOC: Events will be every Saturday at 8pm Central time this month with a governor’s meeting on the 15th))

This broadcast is set to repeat.

Lake Austin EM Events for June

First, congratulations go out to DaMonk for turning in the biggest fish in May! He caught a 134 stone Holy Mackerel on May 16th! Holy Mackerel!! 😉 Great Job DaMonk!

On Saturday June 17th at 8pm Central Time we will have our governors meeting. The king invites all concerned citizens attend.

Saturday June 24th at 8pm Central Time “To Save the Living” call to arms. Harriet has some business with the Juka only to find their mages are working on new spells of incognito. We meet at the counsel hall to discuss the ramifications. Then the bravest among us must face the Juka and stop this evil from going too far.

Saturday July 1st at 8pm Central Time “Fourth of July Party”: while this is intended as good times, it is highly suggested we come prepared to do battle… just in case.

Calling all Fishers! Bait Those Hooks!

The Fishing Contest for May is underway!

Any fish caught from today May 6th through May 31st with a weight may be submitted!! That’s right! ANY FISH!

Get out there and cast your hooks! I can’t wait to see what the fishermen(and women!) bring me!

Good Luck! Bring home some fishermen’s tales! We shall have a sea-storytelling contest soon!

Fishing contest subject to all applicable rules and regulations. All fish must be caught in accordance with Britannia law. (ie: biggest fish by stone weight wins)

Crabs and Lobsters may be submitted, although they are delicious.

May Events Lake Austin

May 13th Governors Meeting:

All interested and/or concerned citizens encouraged to attend.

8PM Central


May 27th Harriet: How to Become a Hag

8PM Central


Hi Folks, I intended to have another event this month but things have been rough in my “real life”. I will try to fit another event in between these two dates. Keep your eyes and ears open!

April Events Lake Austin Shard!

Sorry for the delay folks I hope the Luna deco makes up for it a bit. I’ve had some health issues.

I think you all will enjoy what I have planned for April! I hope you do
April 15 8pm Central “Governor’s Meeting”

April 22 7pm Central “Hoppy Spring!”
-note this event is an hour earlier than usual so folks who start early on Easter Morning wont have to stay up late.
-Location fairgrounds
-There will be a teleporter from Luna <3

April 29 8pm Central “A Pixie’s Work Is Never Done”

-Ilshenar adventures
-Be on time! No gating in Ilshenar!!


Happy Spring Everyone!!

Lake Austin’s March Events

March fish of the month: Yellow Tail Barracuda (Winner of February to be announced)

March 4 – 8PM Central Time – “Touch and Go March Madness” – A shard race around Ilshenar. There will be danger(dungeon and otherwise) and there will be clues. Winner gets a plaque in the reward hall. This will be an annual event.

March 11 – 8PM Central Time – “Governor’s Council Meeting” – Governors and concerned citizens called to attend. To be discussed: Graveyard Overpopulation Problems

March 18- Free week!! Governors encouraged to hold events!! EM Topaz will be unavailable this week because of real life obligations.

March 25 – 8PM Central Time-  “A Message from Beyond” – Is it possible our old friend Thaddius, in some form, lives?

EM Events for February!

Fishing Contest!

Whoever turns in the largest MARLIN for the month of February (date must be within the month) wins their name forever emblazoned on a plaque in the reward hall! Get those boats out into deep waters!! Turn in your fish at the mailbox at the reward hall. Winner will be announced the first week of March. You can get your fish back if you participate, just let EM Topaz know.


EM Event: “Lover’s Spat” Feb 18 at 8PM Central; Jack has left town after an angry spat with Anne. She’s worried he’s gone forever. His father wants him found. We should help.

EM Event: “The Wedding Day” Feb 25 at 8PM Central; Will Jack be found before the wedding? Does he even still want to be married? So many questions. Jack and Anne will need your help this day for sure!



Happy New Year Lake Austin!

EM Events for January are as follows:

January 14 – 8PM Central Time – EM Event “The Dead Rising”

January 21 – 8PM Central Time – EM Event “Thaddius and the Undead Walking”

January 28 – 8pm Central Time- Governors Meeting – All governors and concerned citizens encouraged to attend a meeting with the King to discuss plans for the coming year. Everyone is invited.

Happy December Everyone!

This months event is going to be on a Friday night folks! Hopefully everyone can make it, I am leaving for out of town and this is the easiest time for me.

“The Forgotten” Friday, December 9th at 8PM Central Time – come prepared to fight the good fight!


Happy Holidays! Enjoy this time off to spend with family and/or friends and celebrate the new year! May you all find your dreams within your grasps!


Due to the holiday season there will be no governors meeting this month.

The New Year will start a new quest and event arc!